UPDATE: As of 12/28/2020, Willow Gardens has cleared and is no longer in outbreak status, meaning there have not been any new resident cases of Covid-19 in the last 28 days. 


Willow Gardens Frequently Asked Questions – 


New Long-Term Care Facility Testing Requirements:


Willow Gardens has been issued a point of care testing machine to be used for COVID-19 testing. This is a rapid test that will provide results within 15 minutes of the test being administered. In addition to our current testing of symptomatic residents and staff and individuals with known or potential COVID exposures, we:

  • Test staff weekly and more frequently if they have symptoms or exposure. 

  • Current Testing for signs, symptoms and exposures. 

  • Test residents weekly and more frequently if they have symptoms or exposure.

  • New Outbreak. In terms of testing, an outbreak is now defined as the identification of a single positive COVID resident or staff and requires all facility staff and residents to be tested every three to seven days until no new cases have been identified for 14 days.

What does this mean? A lot of testing……

Willow Gardens Care Center must continue to routinely test until we are no longer in outbreak status. 

Currently, all residents and representatives are notified of positive COVID cases of staff and residents, and this will continue.

Are there sufficient testing supplies?

Currently, Willow Gardens has enough supplies for routine testing, however, additional supplies will be required to continue testing as mandated and has been ordered.  Willow Gardens will continue to work with local and state health departments should supply shortages occur.


Important COVID-19 Communications 

Consistent with CMS guidance, our COVID-19 activity reports include any cases of active COVID-19 among our staff and residents.

Q. Are you testing all residents and staff? 

A. Yes. We are testing all residents and staff weekly, unless they have had a recent positive COVID-19 test result. 

Q. Does Willow Gardens have sufficient PPE? 

A. We currently have sufficient supplies to meet immediate needs. PPE inventory is tracked and reported daily to Iowa Department of Public Health. This process allows us to work collectively to meet continued needs. 

Q. Do all staff wear masks and PPE? 

A. All staff must wear face masks while working in any resident setting. Additionally, face shields are worn.A full complement of PPE is required for staff caring for residents who’ve been placed in isolation for any reason. Residents are encouraged to wear masks in all resident settings outside of their room. 

Q. Are you informing residents and families when a resident was in direct contact with a staff member who tests positive for the virus? 

A. Residents who had direct contact with a staff member who tests positive for the virus are individually notified as well as their primary contacts. All Willow Gardens residents, primary contacts and staff are notified when a positive COVID-19 diagnosis is received. At least weekly, the above contact groups are updated regarding cumulative COVID -19 activity including:  total, active and recovered COVID -19 cases among staff and residents. 

 Q. How is an “outbreak” defined? 

A. Iowa Department of Public Health defines an outbreak as three residents that test positive within a building. 

Q. How do I contact a loved one? 

A. If your loved has a telephone or other communication device, we encourage you to have regular contact with them. For those residents without a telephone, our program team is doing its best to offer video-chat calls for residents and families on a regular basis. However, due to a number of factors, we are not able to schedule video-chat appointments at this time.

Q. Can I visit a Willow Gardens resident? 


  • In-person Nursing Facility visits are not permitted until further notice. 

  • Visitors who are delivering essential items may not enter the building. Please call the facility and our staff will come out to pick up the delivery. 

  • Window and protected visits for Nursing Facility residents and family continue; NAL staff will contact family members individually to schedule visits for compassionate care/ end of life. 

  • Outdoor visits will resume after 28 days without a new positive COVID-19 Case.

Q. Are you accepting appointments for tours? 

  • Tours of Willow Gardens are closed at this time. We would be happy to meet with you off site or through a virtual visit. 

  • No tours can be done at this time in the Nursing Facility. For information, please call 319-350-1393 and you will be directed to our Admissions Director, Grace Kelly.